The downloads below are samples to act as guidance for preparing documentation tailored for your own event. The information and guidance is correct at the time of publication but in an ever-changing landscape, you must adhere to rules and requirements in place at the time of your show.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments that contain just the COVID specific risks that can be added to your standard risk assessment. Available for Single Ring and Multi-Ring shows in two types. Type A is suitable for larger events and more commercial in style. Type B is simpler to read and easier to communicate tasks to volunteers.

Venue Plans

Venue plans are a useful addition to your submission to local authorities and valuable on the day for setting up the show. Venue plans will be site and event-specific so the ones below show examples of what can be included.

Ideally, the plan should be to scale, give measurements, the capacity of rings/crate areas/public areas, show any one-way system, and mark entrances/exits.


This handy checklist has been devised as a guide to the tasks that should be undertaken by a show team in preparation for an event during the pandemic.

KC Letter

As part of its support to help societies get shows running again, The Kennel Club has drafted a letter that can be submitted to local authorities as proof that you are holding a licensed event. This letter is useful to clubs and societies that are not themselves bonafide businesses as it will help distinguish that your show is a licensed event being held under the umbrella of a governing body rather than a social gathering.

Further guidance can be found on The Kennel Club website by clicking here.


Additional signage will almost certainly be needed at your events. Examples can include reminders about wearing masks and social distancing, highlighting hand sanitising points, marking one way systems and entry/exit points.

The examples to download are just generic signs used by everyday businesses, you can of course tailor these to your society if you wish.