Other Considerations

There are many smaller parts of the show that may need to be tweaked whilst restrictions are in place. Below we have highlighted some of them for consideration.


Additional signage will be required around the venue. Examples that might be needed (the venue may already have them in place).

  • Wear Masks
  • Keep Distance
  • One Way Systems
  • Sanitise Hands


Catering at events is possible but might be different from what exhibitors and officials are used to.

Under current restrictions, only takeaway or delivery of food is possible (sit down meals are permitted as venues move to lower tiers). If a venue has onsite catering with a serving hatch then this will suffice as a takeaway – however eating the food could not be done in a designated cafe or canteen so it should be taken away from the area.

Societies who provide their own catering should analyse this risk and make sufficient changes to the menu to fit within the guidance in place at the time of the event.

Minimise spread through contact

Societies should look at their risk assessments to identify ways to restrict contact through the handling of objects and equipment. Some examples might include:

  • Place cards and rosettes – could these be pre-sealed in bags prior to the event and safely laid out on a table for exhibitors to collect.
  • Raffle/Tombola – rather than exhibitors bringing prizes could they make a monetary raffle donation with their entry and the society use this money to purchase prizes that are then handled by a minimal amount of persons.
  • Stewards and Judges – equipment used by the stewards and judges should not be shared. Between breeds, all areas should be sanitised.
  • Class procedure – in classes the judge should sanitise hands between each exhibit, the ring should also be clear of all exhibits prior to the next class being admitted.

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