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The Kennel Club is proactively trying to help clubs and societies in the planning of the return of shows.

Some initiatives undertaken to help societies during this time include:

  • Allowing breed clubs to defer their 2020 CC allocation to 2021 meaning potentially two championship shows could be held in 2021
  • Relaxation around benching requirements for larger shows (up to the end of June 2021)
  • 120-day postponement window for shows meaning any entry and class eligibility would remain should a club or society be forced to postpone and the show rescheduled for another date within the period.

Behind the scenes, The Kennel Club shows team have been working hard on cancelling and re-issuing licences, answering phone calls and emails from secretaries who have many questions about their individual circumstances, and their normal day to day duties. Not an easy task especially whilst working from home.

One of the latest initiatives from The Kennel Club was to publish a letter that clubs and societies could use when submitting information to local authorities which show the event would be a licenced event held under the umbrella of a governing body (The KC). This alone helps separate a club or society event from being classified as a public gathering and instead something more commercial.

The Kennel Club have lots more advice on their website, which is constantly updated. Access the appropriate page by clicking here.

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