Volunteers are the lifeblood of dog shows and without them, it would be impossible to run many events. During the pandemic, societies may be struggling to find enough volunteers to assist. As a group, we now have a national list of volunteers willing to help out with events in and around their area.

Should a society need additional help please use the contact form to get in touch and we will email our volunteers within your area and feedback with a list of those able to help out.

If you are in a position to volunteer yourself please sign up using the volunteer form – we can never have enough help!!

Where are our volunteers

Dragon’s Ci originated in South Wales so as you would expect a large proportion of volunteers are based in this area. Since going public the volunteer list has steadily been growing.

The image below shows volunteer numbers by area. White indicates not volunteers in the area and then the darker the colour the more volunteers are available.

Volunteers have indicated the distance or time they are able to travel to help. The heatmap below shows the coverage based on this information. The dark the colour the better the coverage.

Could you volunteer?

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Ask a question

If you have any specific questions please fill in the form below or send us an email.